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We Are Zonta Club Bradford, Pa!

District 4 - Area 5 - Club 0306

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Chartered on:
July 6, 1953

ZC of Bradford meets twice a month. Their service projects have addressed the Zonta priorities of health, safety, education, and the economic self-sufficiency of women and girls. They assemble 500-700 birthing kits per year.


Zonta stands for women’s rights. We advocate for equality, education, and an end to child marriage and gender-based violence. 


Zonta expands opportunities for women and girls through our international education programs and service projects.  


We shall not rest until women’s rights are recognized as human rights. See the actions our members and partners are taking to achieve our mission. 

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Sponsorship in Action 2023

Sawyer Evangelical Church, Bradford, PA delivers "Birthing Kits" put together by the Bradford Zonta Club to Uganda 

Uganda Mission

This past summer, Zontian Connie Johnson participated in a mission trip to Uganda, which was lead by Linda Howard, Mission Coordinator with the Sawyer Evangelical Church. As part of the mission, the group delivered 138 "birthing kits" to the hospital that were assembled and donated by the Zonta Club Bradford.


In Uganda, women have very little and have to pay for the supplies needed to have a baby. The birthing kit contains a sheet of plastic, a pair of latex gloves, 5 gauze pads, a piece of umbilical tape, razor blade, and soap assembled in a plastic bag at a cost of 50 Ugandan shillings (this is equivalent to $0.013 US money).


All of the young mothers face many challenges, because there is a substantial lack of support and re- sources for these young people.  Petros Zoe began as a Community Based Organization that was founded by Hannah and Martin Mugonyi in August 2017 that was created in response to the lack of support and guidance for the teenage population. Today, Petros Zoe exists to fill in the gap where the support is lacking and all of the programs have in place that serves to empower youth in order to change the course of their future.

Join us as we reflect on the importance of expanding girls’ opportunities. Every girl around the world should be able to live her life reaching her full potential. Let’s work to make transformational changes for gender equality.

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